I hope I never have to put into practice what I have learnt today, but if I have to I feel so much more confident!


Thank you so much for teaching me first aid for my baby- absolutely invaluable information for a new mum!


The course was fun and practical and I wil be telling all my mummy friends about this course!


(Lauren, Mum of one)

This was such a useful course! I leant so much and feel confident that if I ever found myself in an emergency situation I would be able to do the right thing.


As Georgie has years of experience working in A&E she made the course very practical and her expertise showed. I would recommend this to all parents/ grandparents!


(Ann, Mum of one)

Informative and practical. As a Mother herself, Georgie really understands what first time mums worry about. (Kat, Mum of one)

I found it all extremely useful and I learnt something new on topics I thought I knew.


I really enjoyed it and found it extremely helpful and makes me more confident if I were to ever find myself in an emergency situation with my child.


The way all the information was presented and explained was perfect!

Brilliant course!

The course was very relaxed so put us all at ease & made us feel very comfortable to have a go at putting things into practice.


Very useful information for situations which are relevant for parents of babies & young children.


(Louise, Mum of one)

I thought the information provided was spot on, pitched at the right level and has given me the confidence that should I need to, I could give the first aid required.


The fact that we had it delivered at home with our little ones in attendence made it so easy to organise.


Highly recommended to anyone reading this and thinking about booking- don't think, just book!


(Emma, Mum of one)

Great course, very informative without being overwhelming. I have been meaning to do a first aid course since having my son 3 years ago, so am very pleased to finally have that additional knowledge under my belt to make me feel a bit kore confident if anything were to happen with baby no. 2! I'm definitely going to be recommending you to my mummy and mum to be friends!


(Lisa, Mum of one, soon to be two!)

Thank you so much for such a professional, informative & personable course.


I'm so glad to have taken the morning out to attend your course and would urge other parents and grandparents to do to the same!


ps.. Great tea & biscuits too!


(Daisy, Mum of two)

A really useful course which contained a lot of pertinent information without being overwhelming.  


Although the idea of a baby being injured is still terrifying,


I now feel far better prepared to deal with the situation should it arise.


Thank You so much Georgie.


(Katie, Mum of one)

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